camí de cavalls 360º

Camí de Cavalls 360º is the tour around Menorca in stages through the GR 223 footpath, an ancient path of 185 km long which surrounds accurately the Menorcan coast. It is done in self-guided format and three possible ways: Hiking, Trail Running and MTB.


After the pandemic, Menorca and Camí de Cavalls 360º sought to revitalize and diversify the island’s tourism by promoting active tourism all year-round, not only in summer. We were tasked with highlighting the mountain biking segment of this initiative.


location scouting, permitting coordination, casting, production management, creative direction, video production, photo production, editorial production, PR and media relations, influencer marketing

The primary challenge was navigating the technical Camí de Cavalls trail to capture high-quality content. Given its inaccessibility, our media team used e-bikes to follow and film the riders, ensuring complete coverage. Our team of skilled filmmakers and photographers, who are also avid cyclists, enabled efficient and cost-effective content creation.


We chose three former trials riders and one currently in the top 10 of the UCI Trials World Ranking, Pol Tarrés, to demonstrate the trail’s technical yet achievable and enjoyable nature. Their expertise allowed us to capture compelling footage that showcases the trail’s challenges and scenic beauty.

Aitor Lamadrid
Aitor Lamadrid

The campaign highlighted Menorca’s varied landscapes, demonstrating that the island’s diverse terrains offer unique experiences. From flat, sandy trails with turquoise waters in the south to rocky, steep climbs in the north, the Camí de Cavalls trail presents riders with a multitude of picturesque environments, including the lunar-like Favàritx Lighthouse and Mars-like Cala Pregonda that you wouldn’t think its possible in a less than 50km long island.

Aitor Lamadrid

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The project was thought to deliver an authentic and organic feel, capturing the essence of a mountain biking vacation among friends on the island. The video will highlight this natural companionship and adventure, portraying a genuine experience.


the campaign


The campaign exceeded expectations, generating 351 pieces of content shared across Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube over three days and the subsequent week. Brand partners Gobik, Balearia, Sponser, Gemini, and TwoNav amplified the campaign’s reach.

Aitor Lamadrid
Aitor Lamadrid
Aitor Lamadrid

Pol’s TikTok saw viral success with clips reaching over 630k views and 18k likes, and a total of 1,400 hours of content watched

An Instagram clip of a technical climb went viral, achieving a total 1.5M views across all pages that shared it and significantly increasing followers for the Camí de Cavalls 360º account

Aitor Lamadrid
Aitor Lamadrid
Aitor Lamadrid
Aitor Lamadrid

media coverage


The campaign received widespread attention, featured on Pinkbike, Solobici, and in a 10-page report in Bike Action Magazine‘s November 2020 issue, further solidifying the campaign’s success and broad reach.

The potential reach of the whole campaign within the talents and the inxvolved brands’ social networks and the media was 9.7M users. The content generated more than 2.2 million impressions, 2 million engagements, and garnered over 100,000 likes. Overall, the campaign’s repercussion value was estimated at 110.000€