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Alpha V2

Alpha V2

Photography and video by @alvarokrodriguez

About the Alpha V2 Project

The Main idea of this project was to capture the features of the new Ozone product Alpha V2.
We combined aerial shots with cinematic freestyle, freeride, wave riding action and brand lifestyle. We captured some analog stuff to combine it with all the product release shots in order to change the perception of the current “digital action shots”.

Client: Ozone Kites
Year: 2021
Location: Fuerteventura, Canary Islands
Riders: Gisela Pulido, David Tonijuan, Simon Burner

Ozone Alpha V2 Fuerteventura
Ozone Alpha

A Winner for any quiver

What makes this kite special is its lightweight structure.
Ozone worked hard to achieve a single rounded strut design allowing the kite to turn easily and to work in lower wind conditions.


To know more about the Alpha V2 kite take a look here