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We work together with Orbea and brand ambassador’s Pol Tarrés to create content and stories through Pol’s projects that then they use in their stories page and their social networks. He is a multidisciplinar cyclist and its a perfect relationship with the Basque brand since they have all range of bikes.

So far, Pol has been an Orbea ambassador for 3 years and they have been working together in all the projects he has been involved: Morocco, Dolomites, Menorca, Val d’Aran and Madeira.


Orbea is a bicycle cooperative based in Mallabia (the Basque Country), Spain. It is the Spainish largest bicycle manufacturer and they have a variety range of road, mountain, triathlon and urban bikes.

It was founded in 1840 by brothers Juan Manuel, Mateo, and Casimiro Orbea and originally it was a rifle and gun producer and in 1930 they switched to the bicycle industry.

The last years they have been focused on the customisable area and with their program “MyO” they have been the benchmark in the custom bikes for the final user.